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Good News/Bad News-There are no professional degrees, special certifications or licenses needed to be a DJ.  Anyone can say they're a DJ!  So you have to do your "homework"  (and you thought you were done with that after finishing school).

Knowing what song, and what time, in what order, to play, while 50 to possibly hundreds of party animals/guests, family and friends are depending on you, is a Skill.  Not everyone can do it!  It's all timing.

There is also Timing involved with the microphone.  When to talk, when not to talk, when to let a guest on the mic.   Experience with the microphone helps you get better at this Skill as well.

You get what you pay for: with Disc Jockeys, plumbers, real estate agents...any professional.  Anyone can press a button.  The best DJ's do far more than that.

How do you know how good your potential DJ is?  Like any business, the best information comes from word of mouth, referrals and customer reviews.  If you know someone who has hired the DJ before you, half your work is done-just ask them how he/she was at their event!  Or get reviews from their Website (I have plenty).  Or Internet reviews.  You can even get referrals from me if you'd like to speak to past clients.

Can you meet your DJ in person before deciding? You can with DJ Gump Productions.  And a 45 minute consultation is free.

The entertainment you choose for your wedding or party is responsible for a tremendous amount of the events success for you, your family, and your friends, forever!  People commonly fail to see that "saving" $100 to $200 on their entertainment is not worth risking or even sacrificing the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of their investments in the function.  Not to mention the time you spent putting it together.


Does your potential DJ take requests? Listen carefully to his/her answer.  Anyone can say "yes".  You want to be sure they do!  Even the best DJ's, like the best professionals in any field, never stop learning.  So while not everyone can be a DJ, often a guest will request the perfect song at the perfect time.  Not always.  But it has happened enough at events I have DJ'ed that I usually know when to play 'em and when not to.  But ultimately it is the DJ's decision, that's what you paid him for.

Don't pick a DJ because they have a big "song list!". This would be like picking a boyfriend for his big [ahem!].  Or a girlfriend for the same reasons.  Anyone these days can get 1,000's of songs, for free, on the Internet.  Do they know how to use them?  At the right time?  It would be like a carpenter with hundreds of hand and power tools but he really only knows how to use a hammer, saw and pliers, etc. 

Ask Questions (good ones) Most people don't really even know what questions to ask, so they "fake it", and pretend they know.  It's understandable.  Hopefully you will be hiring a wedding DJ only once in your life, so of course you wouldn't really know what to ask.  Plus you probably have a hundred other wedding related issues you're dealing with at the same time-on a stressful time schedule.  Even for just a "simple" hire as a party DJ many to most people have never hired one of those either.  Let me help you (or as Tom Cruise would say in "Jerry Maguire", "Help me to help you!":

See the "10 QUESTIONS" by clicking the PDF below!!

Hosting a wedding or party is a joyous event.  It is a privilege, but also a responsibility.  A good DJ understands that, and wants to make your event special.  To you, your guests, friends and family. 

10 Questions to ask your wedding DJ